Who were the old guys in your "They'll Need A Crane" video?

JL: They are professional old guys. The drummer worked for Frank Sinatra in the 50s. The bass player has retired from music and currently writes crosswords for the Daily News, and the keyboard guy is an actor. My question involves something I saw while coming back from Amherst on the bus. While crossing the Connecticut River, I saw this painted on a bridge: "I don't want the world, I just want your half."

I wondered if the lyric from "Ana Ng" on this bridge was the inspiration for the line in the song, or merely an act performed out of love for TMBG. What's the word?

JL: We were driving from Boulder to the airport in Denver last year when we encountered the same thing on another bridge. John and I don't condone acts of vandalism but we took it as a friendly compliment. The phrase in the song came out of a conversation we once had about money.